Understanding the role of diving replica watches bezel

Audemars Piguet has many professional diving watches. Friends who are new to diving watches may not understand the role of diving watch bezels. Some have two layers of inner ring and outer ring. Let me introduce to you the functions of the inner and outer rings of Audemars Piguet fake watches:

Generally speaking, in order to reduce underwater weight, divers will choose to carry a small oxygen tube, which means that the oxygen content is not too much. People who are more familiar with diving equipment will bring a device to measure oxygen, and Audemars Piguet watches reinforces this need.

The biggest feature of the diving watch when the rotating outer ring is used can remind divers of the diving time. Usually a bottle of diving oxygen tank can last about 45 minutes. The scale marked on the rotating bezel according to this standard is also 15, 30, 45. Some will be marked with 60 scales. Since divers need to strictly observe a 15-minute safety stop when ascending in order to completely release the nitrogen absorbed from the cylinder, the first 15 minutes of the bezel are colored or specially marked.

When diving, turn the bezel so that the 0 scale on the bezel is aligned with the minute hand, and then you can know the time spent diving according to the scale on the bezel after the minute hand moves. The same can also be used for countdown, rotating the bezel will require The diving time scale is aligned with the minute hand, but when the minute hand reaches 0 scale, it is the dive limit time you set.

In order to ensure a lot of calculation time and prevent the danger of misoperation and prolonging the time, the external bezel of Audemars Piguet replica watches can only be rotated in a single direction. The scales and numbers also have professional fluorescent coatings, which is convenient for underwater The time can be read clearly when the light is dim. In recent years, the emerging built-in, even if the bezel does not have a restriction on the direction of rotation, because the crown that controls the bezel must be locked before launching, the advantage is that there is no need to open another hole on the case, and there is no need to clean the bezel after the water is discharged. And the sand in the cracks of the watch case.