It is not easy to choose a suitable replica watches

The Eborrow mechanical watch achieves time travel through purely physical mechanical winding, transmission and escapement, while quartz relies on electrical energy to provide power. The time error of a mechanical watch is generally larger than that of a quartz watch, but the life of the movement is much longer than that of a quartz replcia Rolex if it is maintained. The gear rotation is the exclusive beauty of a mechanical watch, while a quartz watch has accurate time travel, low cost, and good cost performance. When it comes to taste value, it is often irrelevant.

This problem is similar to buying a mobile phone. Some mobile phones are expensive and have many functions, but those functions are not necessarily available when bought. Watches have many functions, and their design is relatively complicated, but it does not mean that the many functions are the best. Many high-priced watches are often the simplest in design.

Watches with fewer functions are easier to maintain and have a lower failure rate. It should be said that the one that suits you is the best. A good watch depends on its movement, material, workmanship, and design style.

From the perspective of durability, tungsten steel belt has the highest hardness, is not easy to wear, and is more expensive, but it is more brittle and afraid of severe impact.

The hardness of the steel strip is slightly lower, but the toughness is high. The belt will become brittle and hard due to long-term erosion by sweat or chemicals. The small ring used for fixing on the belt is also easy to break and deform. However, the belt is relatively soft, light in weight, comfortable to wear, and not easy to damage the skin or clothing.

This is a common phenomenon in Eberlut quartz watches. Because the stepping motor of quartz watches is an intermittent movement, the movement of the second hand is intermittent (feeling to go and stop), which does not affect the watch’s performance. Travel time accuracy.

Except for professional timekeeping replica watches, whether the second hand of a high-priced or popular quartz watch is aligned with the scale is not the only criterion for judging whether it is qualified, because the national watch standard does not stipulate that the second hand of a quartz watch must be aligned. Relevant terms of quasi-scale. Therefore, whether the second hand is aligned with the scale has nothing to do with the quality, but that the brand company tries to install the second hand as close to the center line of the scale as possible. Of course, the overlap is the best.