What should I do if the replica watch falls into the water

Now TAG Heuer watches have a certain level of life waterproof performance, so under normal circumstances, if the watch accidentally falls into the water, it will be fine if you pick it up and perform some simple treatments. Basically, this situation will not cause the inside of the watch to enter. Water, but if the waterproof rubber ring of the watch is aging or has some invisible damage, it is very likely that water will enter the watch. The bottom cover of a waterproof replica watches will be printed with "WATER RESISTANT" or "WATER PROOF". It mainly depends on the lens, the back cover and the waterproof rubber ring at the top to achieve the waterproof effect, but even the most powerful Professional diving watches are not 100% able to prevent water from entering the watch anytime and anywhere.

TAG Heuer watches have the following main levels of water ingress: 1. There is fog in the mirror, or sometimes there is fog and sometimes there is no fog, especially in places with large temperature differences 2. Condensed water droplets in the mirror 3. A lot of water drops can be seen on the mirror and dial

At the same time, in life, the water in the watch includes not only ordinary rainwater, tap water, but also sea water, beverages, even medicines, chemical reagents, and so on. Rainwater and tap water are a little better, and seawater is more corrosive, not to mention potions and chemicals.

If water in the watch is the first case, you can do some simple treatment yourself. It is best to buy granular silica gel and put the water in the replica watches uk in a closed container. Take it out a day later. A small amount of water vapor in the watch will be enough. It will be absorbed by the silica gel, and the effect is still relatively good. The silica gel can be reused.

However, when the watch gets water in the second and third situations, it is best to send the watch to a professional watch after-sales repair center for treatment as soon as possible. If the water ingress is serious, a thorough oil-washing treatment is required. Never put the watch aside and wait for it to evaporate naturally, or take it to the repair center after a long time, because if it is not handled in time, the parts in the watch movement may rust, and the rusted parts are difficult Repairs must be replaced, which undoubtedly greatly increases the cost of repairs. If it is severely corroded, it is almost equivalent to the entire movement being scrapped


The role of the watch mirror in Chopard watches is obvious. It is to protect the hands, dials and even the movement, isolate water vapor and dust, and slow down a certain amount of external friction and collision. However, when the clock was first invented in the 16th century, there was no mirror, some were directly exposed, and some were covered with a cover like a flip phone. Later, watchmakers used transparent silicate glass as their watch mirrors. Some local tyrants also used natural crystals to polish the replica watches uk mirrors.

Among the surface mirror materials, glass has the longest use time and the highest popularity. At the beginning, silicate glass was fragile and prone to scratches. By the early 19th century, people began to use quartz glass with higher wear resistance. In the 1840s, plexiglass, which is not easily broken, began to quickly replace ordinary glass as the main material for watch mirrors. However, plexiglass is still prone to scratches. However, plexiglass has the advantage that it is very good in both early and late stages. Easy to process and polish.

With the development of industry, mineral glass that is not easily broken has also become a better choice for watch mirror materials, and until the 1970s, sapphire glass watch mirrors began to be widely used in high-end watches. Of course, many people now know that the sapphire on Chopard watches is not a real natural sapphire, but an artificial sapphire, but it has the same properties as natural sapphire and is very wear-resistant, with a Mohs hardness of 9, second only to diamond. Normal scratches can't damage it at all, but this does not mean that the sapphire glass will not be scratched. Some sandpaper, granite, concrete surfaces and other materials with the same or higher hardness may scratch it.

Although the sapphire glass is hard, it is also very brittle. If it encounters a strong impact, it is likely to break instantly. The small debris generated after the break is very easy to scratch the fragile hands and dials. Some Chopard replica watches have even more The movement is more expensive, so be aware of this. For example, the watches equipped by NASA for astronauts all use plexiglass crystals that are not easily broken, because once the sapphire crystal is broken, the small debris formed is likely to endanger the safety of the spacecraft.